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Fixed Price for June

A Tub of 'Blue Job Polish'

& a 'Cleaning Cloth'

$19-90 + Postage

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  • Designed for chrome and stainless steel.
  • Concentrated formula.
  • Removes bluing and discoloration caused by heat and oxidation on the exhaust pipes.
  • Restores to original shine.
  • Won't dull, scratch or leave swirls.
  • Cleans off rust and burnt shoe rubber.
  • No oil or waxy residue.
  • No fingerprints


Blue-Job® Chrome Polish has a unique nonabrasive, highly concentrated, powder formula. Each jar contains an ounce        (28 grams) of ultra-concentrated, easy, fast, safe, non-toxic chrome polish powder. The product is environmentally safe, with a balanced neutral pH factor and will not harm skin. Can be used by chemically sensitive people. Does not generate irritating fumes.


The 240mm x 110mm ultra soft Blue-Job® Pipe Wipes™finishing cloth will never scratch, swirl or dull chrome. The micro thread design holds and separates polish to precisely finish precious chrome, gemstones, mirrors and fine crystal.

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